Gaming Enforcement


In 1986, East Baton Rouge Parish Charitable Gaming Enforcement was formed under the direction of the District Attorney’s Office, and in 1987 the Metropolitan Council moved the division under the guidance of the Parish Attorney’s Office as the result of the growing need for regulation in the charitable gaming industry. Gaming Enforcement licenses, monitors and regulates the charitable gaming industry in East Baton Rouge Parish. A charitable gaming organization is defined as any bona fide nonprofit veterans', charitable, educational or religious organization licensed to conduct specific games of chance in the parish.

Gaming Enforcement is dedicated to serving the industry to the best of its ability and continues to give the charitable gaming organizations as many options as necessary to operate a successful game.


Gaming Enforcement (GE) licenses and regulates the charitable gaming industry by making sure that organizations are complying with the charitable gaming ordinance as set forth by the East Baton Rouge Parish Metropolitan Council. GE monitors organizations by licensing all charitable gaming activities, conducting audits of the organizations, and performing routine inspections of the games. GE works with the organizations to make sure that they understand the responsibilities when conducting games of chance as well as all reporting requirements.


Gaming Enforcement issues several different types of licenses to charitable organizations as well as commercial vendors. Types of licenses to organizations consist of charitable bingo license, raffles, electronic video bingo and pull tabs. In addition, licenses are issued to commercial hall lessor, gaming supplies distributors, manufacturers and electronic video bingo companies.

GE issues new licenses as well as renewing licenses on a yearly basis. Throughout the licensing year, modifications can be made such as: changes in members, schedules, ownership structures and any other changes that affect the licensing structure.


The auditing staff is responsible for reviewing weekly session reports and conducting audits. Audits are performed in order to obtain reasonable assurance that all licensed organizations are in compliance with the laws as set forth by the East Baton Rouge Parish Charitable Gaming Ordinance. One of the major goals is to ensure that all net proceeds of charitable games are accounted for and are devoted to educational, charitable, patriotic, religious or public-spirited uses.