The Department of Development oversees building permits within East Baton Rouge Parish. It also works to reduce blight in abandoned properties through demolitions and removal of excess vegetation.


The Subdivisions Division is responsible for engineering functions involving work plan reviews, field inspections and environmental reviews, flood zone determinations, and FEMA floodplain maps.

For more information, call 225-389-3198.

Permits & Inspections

The Permits & Inspections Division is responsible for permitting for residential and commercial purposes (building plan review and approval), inspections and code enforcement for addressing, building occupancy, mechanical plumbing, and electrical needs.

For more information, call 225-389-3205.

Neighborhood Revitalization

The Neighborhood Revitalization Division is responsible for blight elimination, condemnations, and demolitions. Neighborhood Revitalization protects the public from dangerous conditions associated with dilapidated buildings by removing or demolishing, through the condemnation procedure, those buildings or structures. This division is also responsible for the clearing of vegetative growth and debris from vacant lots, through the weed lien process. Neighborhood Revitalization was formerly named Blight Enforcement.

For more information, call 225-389-8680 or 225-389-8682.