Result Tabulation Bid Awarding & Delivery


Results of tabulation are available for inspection by the public in the City-Parish Purchasing Office during normal working hours. No tabulations are given over the telephone.

The tabulation remains on file for three years. City-Parish Purchasing welcomes public inspections of these records as an encouragement to competitive bidding.

After a Bid is awarded

After a bid has been awarded, the successful bidder will be notified by mail from City-Parish Purchasing. A purchase order is a legal contract. Failure to perform is considered a breach of contract.

A bidder may limit his bid to an acceptance of his entire bid; however, this may cause his bid to be unacceptable under certain conditions.

Delivery of Services

Deliveries are to be made as stipulated in bid.

Upon delivery and acceptance of each order, the vendor shall bill the City-Parish by an invoice to include Purchase Order number(s) and/or Payment Voucher number(s), and contract award number. Invoices with missing information may unnecessarily delay the payment process.

Vendors providing services to the City-Parish in the form of repairs, maintenance, installations or other types of services will be required to submit an Insurance Certificate in accordance with specifications provided for each job.