Deliverables & Samples


When required, samples must be furnished at the specified time and date; otherwise, this may be cause for the bid to be rejected. Samples must be submitted under separate cover, marked plainly with name and address of bidder, bid number, bid opening dated, and correspondence indicating whether or not bidder desires return of the sample. If the sample is to be returned, shipping must be provided by vendor.

Seconds, irregulars, or shorts are not acceptable. All samples are subject to mutilation as a result of testing; therefore, City-Parish assumes no responsibility/liability for samples submitted.


The City-Parish reserves the right to require a performance bond. If required, this performance bond must be received within a specified time period after notification of awards.

If required, bid bond or certified check in the amount requested must be attached to bid.

Bid Openings

At the time of a formal bid opening (for materials, supplies or equipment estimated to cost more than $30,000), vendors may record the results; however, final awarding of the bid will not be announced at this time. Vendors may inspect copies of the bids by making an appointment with the appropriate buyer after the bid opening.

Any bid or amendment received after the bid opening date or time will not be accepted for any reason or cause whatsoever. All late bids will be returned unopened to the vendor.