Bidding Procedures

A bid is a response to a request for bids and constitutes the vendor's offer to sell to the City-Parish specific items or services at a firm price, under the contractual terms and conditions outlined in the bid request.

A positive response to a request for bids is our only indication of your interest in City-Parish business. Failure to bid on four consecutive requests for bids may cause your name to be removed from the bidders' list. You are requested to submit a "No Bid" response, if unable to bid.

Submitting Bids

All bids must be submitted on the forms furnished for this purpose and must be filled out in ink or typewritten, signed in ink and mailed in the envelopes provided. Please do not erase, correct or write over any prices or figures necessary for the completion of the bid. If a correction is necessary, each one must be initialed. Failure to comply with the requirements may cause your bid to be disqualified.

If an error is made in extending total prices, the unit price will govern. Under no circumstances will a unit bid price be altered or corrected.

Withdrawing Bids

Bids, or any part thereof, may be withdrawn prior to the time of bid opening by a formal written request. Bids may not be withdrawn after being opened unless bidder claims a patently obvious clerical or mathematical error in accordance with state law.


Specifications should set out the essential characteristics of items being purchased but written in a manner to invite open competition. Any manufacturer's names, trade names, brand names, or catalog numbers used in the specifications are for the purpose of describing and establishing general quality levels. Such references are not intended to be restrictive unless the invitation to bid specifically states that only the brand specified will be considered for reasons of compatibility, etc.