Educational Clinics

Anger Management

The Anger Management Clinic increase participants’ awareness that anger does not have to create painful human relationships, physical and/or psychological problems. The program provides educational opportunities to understand, accept and manage the full range of human emotions, thereby enabling the youth to move their life forward in a positive direction. 

Chemical Awareness

Chemical Awareness is a monthly four-hour program designed for prevention and education on the detriment of chemical use. Participants include youth who have committed an alcohol- and/or drug-related offenses, as well as those identify as “high-risk” to use alcohol and/or illegal substances.

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention is a monthly program designed to deter future involvement in crime and delinquent activities. Although the program targets first-time offenders and offenders referred to the court for theft-related offenses, it is open to any youth who may benefit from its content.

Community Service

The purpose of community service is to hold youth accountable for their actions and to restore them back to the community by giving back. Community service is ordered by the court as a condition of probation and may be used in lieu of monetary reimbursement to victims.