Violations Requiring a Court Appearance

Violations Requiring a Court Appearance

If you are charged with any of the violations listed in Sections A or B below, you must appear in court on your court appearance date at 8:30 a.m., Room 128 for the purpose of entering a plea.

If you plead not guilty to a violation listed in Section A, the Court will set a date for you to return for trial.

Section A

Baton Rouge City Code Title 6 - Disposal of Garbage, Other Waste Matter

Violation Details
Failure to report an accident
False reports
Hit and run driving
Driving while intoxicated and associated charges
Violation of the provisions of Title 32 of the La. Revised Statutes shall be deemed in violation of the Traffic Regulations of the Baton Rouge City Code
Suspension, revocation and cancellation of licenses
Operating vehicle while license is suspended/revoked
Other violations (insurance suspended)

If you plead not guilty to a violation listed in Section B, you will have your trial at that time.

Section B

Violation Details
11:131A Speeding 31 m.p.h. or more over limit
11:131BPrima Facie speed limit
11:131CSpeeding in school - zones 31 mph or more
11:132Prima Facie limit
11:142Reckless driving
11:145Fleeing to elude police officer
11:205/32:386Loads on vehicle; care required
11:251.1False certificates/switched inspection sticker
32:414.1Unlawful use of license