Volunteer Program

Volunteers are screened and trained to work closely with detention and probation staff. Volunteers offer an effective, positive approach which is innovative, personal, enthusiastic, and caring. 

Volunteer Efforts

Thousands of individuals and numerous organizations have offered countless hours on behalf of troubled youth. Many persons have accepted “Big Brother” assignments with individual juveniles on probation. Others have served in the detention facility, conducting educational assistance, arts and crafts, good grooming and personal hygiene and recreational (sports, table games, etc.) activities or classes. Volunteers’ efforts have been invaluable in assisting with various clinics. Volunteers, in short, have rendered numerous skills and services which provide positive experiences to promote maturity and law-abiding behavior.

Detention Counselor

The Detention Counselor administers all volunteer programs and field-work students assigned to the detention facility. All volunteers and students will be required to follow the guidelines and procedures for safety and security and any dress code which may be required.

Background Check / Training

All volunteers must submit to a criminal background check and orientation training. Volunteer requests to serve in the Juvenile Detention Center are given careful consideration to the impact on youth detained in the facility and may be denied.