Auction Information

Online Surplus Program

The City of Baton Rouge-Parish of East Baton Rouge contracted with an online government auction site to auction surplus and police-seized items. Use of online auction provides for greater benefits and cost savings to the City and taxpayers.

This allows greater exposure of surplus items to a broader audience. Items up for auction include cars, trucks, heavy equipment, lawn equipment and computer equipment. Bidding is open to the public. Visit the auction site.

Departmental Inventory Control

Each department/agency will provide Inventory Control with listings of surplus equipment and furniture. Inventory Control will schedule items for pick-up. No property will be received or transferred from the Surplus storage facility three weeks prior to the Auction. This action is necessary for Auction preparation.

Viewing Surplus Property

Departments and Agencies desiring to view surplus property should call Inventory Control at 225-389-4965 for an appointment or email us.

Map of Auction Site

Map of Auction Site