The Department of Environmental Services’ (DES) School Outreach Committee has created some great resources on wastewater, solid waste and recycling, and environmental pollution for both educators and students to utilize through virtual and/or experiential learning. 

resources packet

Our resource packet includes five activities that align with the science and practices DES uses and promotes every day. It can be utilized in the classroom or for various at-home activities. Download the Teacher’s Resource Packet (PDF) to get started!

virtual classroom: wastewater TREATMENT & RECYCLING PROGRAMS 


Watch Wastewater Treatment Lab Supervisor Michael Lowe discuss our wastewater treatment system; the role individuals play in preventing clogs to both the system and our homes; and the measures we take to ensure the water being discharged into the Mississippi River is clean. Stay tuned as Recycling Manager Lisa Mahoney provides an overview of our solid waste services and how recycling benefits the community and our environment.