Behavior Modification Programs

Life Skills

The Life Skills is an evidence-based program used to assist the department with disproportionate minority confinement (DMC). The program is a discipline to reduce juvenile delinquency, drug use, truancy and other problems and high-risk behaviors. The primary objectives is to encourage personal self-management, general social skills and drug-resistance skills. The program helps participants develop resistance to peer and media pressure to use substances; develop a positive self-image; develop decision-making and problem-solving skills; manage anxiety; foster effective communication; build healthy relationships; and increase youths’ self-confidence in social situations.

Triple P

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program – is an evidence-based parenting program that is backed up by more than 35 years of research. Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage their children’s behavior, and prevent problems from developing. Although the program targets families participating in the Family in Need of Services (FINS) programs, it is open to parents of youth receiving services due to delinquency.