Bringing Volunteerism Into City Court

The Judges of the Baton Rouge City Court are aware and very concerned about the problems that plague the citizens of the Baton Rouge community due to the existing crime problem. Criminal conduct seems to be on the rise, and law enforcement agencies are finding it more and more difficult to effectively control this situation. It is our belief that citizens in the community can help.

Volunteerism Program

As a means of involving citizens to help, we have implemented a Volunteerism Program. By utilizing the services and skills of volunteers to work with the City Court staff, it is our goal to enhance the delivery of services currently in place.

If you would like to know more about this program and might be interested in participating with us. You may apply for the Volunteers in Court Program (PDF) by printing the form and returning it to:

Richard Bromfield, Coordinator
Baton Rouge City Court Court Services Division
P.O. Box 3438
Baton Rouge, LA 70821

Need for Volunteers

Volunteers are needed In City Court activities:

Offender Centered Activities

  • Assisting Offenders in Utilizing Services in the Community
  • Assisting With Intake Process
  • Reminding Offenders by Telephone, of School Dates, AA Meetings, etc.
  • Serving as Interpreters
  • Supporting Offenders to Fulfill Conditions of Probation

Support Staff Centered Activities

  • Answering the Telephone
  • Clerical Activities
  • Filing
  • Helping at Reception Desk
  • Investigation Reports, Letters
  • Preparing Intake Packets, DWI Files

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Achieving New Skills
  • Being Able to Perform a Service to Others
  • Brightening Another Person’s Day
  • Gaining Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Improving Communications Skills
  • Invaluable Friendships
  • Learning to Have More Patience
  • Opportunity for Caring
  • Personal Satisfaction of Helping People in Need