Economically Disadvantage


Achieving Equal Goals for Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Businesses

Administered through the Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD), the Equitable Business Opportunities (EBO) Program was established to assist underserved, underutilized, and disadvantaged businesses with gaining greater access to procurement opportunities and resources to build competitively viable and sustainable businesses in and for the City of New Orleans.

The Office of Supplier Diversity was created to help mitigate the effects of past and present social and economic discrimination by increasing the utilization of certified disadvantaged business enterprises in the procurement of goods and services by the City Parish of East Baton.  The office oversees certification, compliance, outreach, training, and capacity building for disadvantaged businesses in the City Parish of East Baton. 

Mission Statement & Guiding Principles

The mission of the Procurement Office is to serve the public by modernizing procurement and contracting procedures, implementing a fair and transparent procurement process while engaging local businesses, and maximizing purchasing value by applying the best procurement practices.

Guiding Principles

Our team adheres to the National Institute for Public Procurement’s (NIGP) “Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement.”

  • Accountability – Taking ownership and being responsible to stakeholders for our actions.
  • Ethics – Acting and conducting business with honesty and integrity.
  • Impartiality – Unbiased decision-making and action
  • Professionalism – Upholding high standards of job performance and ethical behavior
  • Service – Obligation to assist stakeholders.
  • Transparency – Easily accessible and understandable policies and procedures