Bias Free Policing

  1. BRPD’s policy on Bias-Based Policing (General Order 108) General Order 108 Bias-Based Profiling fundamentally supports BRPD’s aim to earn public trust.
  2. Comprehensive reporting: every time officers use force or threaten force against someone, they are required to report it
  3. BRPD publishes annual reports on Use of Force Analysis and IA complaints and BRPD policies online via the BRPD web site under the "Transparency Tab".
  4. Previously, citizens had to visit a precinct office to file a complaint or submit an affidavit. Citizens can now submit Complaints and Commendations online (Internal Affairs Complaint Form and Employees Commendation Form, via phone, via email, as well as in person.
  5. Processing Internal Affairs complaints policy
  6. At the core of BRPD’s mission is our pledge “to serve with the Baton Rouge community to prevent crime and to promote the safety and well-being of all.” General Order 106 Mission Values
  1. BRPD’s commitment to justice and integrity is at the heart of our Code of Ethics and the sworn oath each officer takes upon graduation from the Academy: General Order 107 Code of Ethics Oath of Office.
  2. Procedural justice is embedded in our culture, beginning with BRPD’s Academy Curriculum.