Transition to Kindergarten

Transition to Kindergarten Resources (PDF)

Getting Ready for Kindergarten (PDF)

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Congratulations to the 256 students prepared for Kindergarten school readiness through Head Start during the 2022 – 2023 year!

To continue the students learning this summer each of the 256 students transitioning received a school readiness backpack, designed to assist them in maintaining or gaining developments that prepares them to be successful in school. 

Students returning to Head Start were also provided readiness materials for their transition back into their second year of Head Start for the new school year. 

Each backpack contained supplies and materials that help children develop the skills needed to succeed in school. Materials included a three-month calendar filled with activities for students to do each day, supplies for counting, sorting, identifying letters, tactile number cards, counting links, foam letters, and a journal for drawing and writing. 

Looking for fun activities this summer to keep your 4-year-olds busy and entertained at home! 

Find a list of 31 easy-to-do activities that your 4-year-olds will love.

Activities, aren't they - the best way to keep kids occupied for a long time while you can get the time you need to get your work done? 

They can help a child escape boredom, learn some new skills, keep them engaged, get you the much-needed quiet time for yourself, and finally, it can help you bond with your kids and help escape sibling rivalry.

All these educational activities for toddlers at home have a few things in common.

  • Requires minimal setup
  • Can be easily done with stuff lying around at home
  • Teach your kids important life skills
  • Keep them engaged at least for a couple of hours

Important skills that your kids will learn through these activities!

  • Sensory skills
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Creativity
  • Physical strength
  • Analytical thinking

This  Activity Calendar for Families has EVERYTHING in this calendar geared toward helping you and your child be more prepared for Kindergarten.

The activities are about making strong connections between your family and your child’s schools.

They highlight research-based ideas for how to work together to help children get ready for kindergarten. Each month you can choose from activities that are organized into three groups:

Goals Related to Preschool Activities: 

  • Build a positive relationship with the educator.
  • Set goals with the educator to make sure your child will be ready for kindergarten.

Goals Related to Family Activities: 

  • Spend time together having fun with stories and books.
  • Turn family routines into opportunities for learning.
  • Use community resources to discover more ways to learn.

Goals Related to Kindergarten Activities: 

  • Become familiar with the new kindergarten, including the school, the early learning setting, and the educators.
  • Help the new educator get to know your child and family.

It’s simple! 

  • First, write in the number for each day of the month. 
  • Ask your child to help and make the calendar their own. 
  • Choose the activities that are best for you and your family each month.