Mitigation Accomplishments in EBR


The Department of Development processed 705 flood zone forms; 74 culvert permits, 129 federal flood insurance information letters; 4 flood variance requests; 1,775 substantial damage letters; 679 right-of-way permits; and 16 sanitary sewer construction permits in 2021.

Strengthened the code in areas dealing with property maintenance to address flooded, abandoned structures that would not qualify for condemnation under the previous code.

Secured an additional $15 million in federal funding for the Stormwater Master Plan, that will identify and prioritize necessary or desirable improvements to the parish’s drainage system, and will also develop descriptions and estimated capital and operational costs.

Secured approximately $600 million in federal funding for the Comite River Diversion Canal and improvements to five major tributaries.

Finalized a plan for deploying federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program dollars related to the August, 2016 flood.

Announced the approval of two Louisiana Watershed Initiative projects, allowing the City-Parish to buy plots of land surrounding Bayou Duplantier and Ward Creek to preserve it from future development.