Walk-In Test Schedule

Two forms of identification are required for admittance to all written and skills examinations. Photo identification and proof of Social Security number are required for admittance to all written and skills examinations. Occasionally, exams must be canceled. Please confirm your preferred test date with the Recruitment and Examination Division. Office hours are 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. All customers must vacate the building by closing time.


Customer parking is available in the Florida Street parking lot of the City-Parish building. Additional parking is available in the rear lot accessible from North 18th Street. Please do not park in the private spots next to the Human Resources Office.

Testing Schedule

February Testing Schedule (PDF)

March Testing Schedule (PDF)

Electronic Devices

The City-Parish is committed to protecting personal privacy, ensuring organizational security, and maintaining a pleasant and productive work environment for all employees and citizens. In this effort, all examinees’ cellular phones, personal data assistants, pocket computers, and other audio and/or video recording or transmitting devices are banned from the examination room.

Examinees are asked to leave banned electronic devices in their vehicles during the examination. When this is not an option, the devices are checked at the front desk and returned to their owners at examination completion. The City of Baton Rouge, Department of Human Resources, and Staff are not responsible for alleged damage to devices while they are left at the front desk.  Applicants found in possession of such devices in the examination room are subject to disqualification from employment opportunities for three years.

Written Exam

Qualifying applicants interested in taking a written exam for a position currently open for recruitment will be admitted to the exam room on a first-come, first-served basis according to seating and test booklet availability. Prior to the preferred test date, applicants must submit an online application with all necessary documentation attached. Not all classifications require a written exam. If special accommodations are necessary for you to take a written exam, please contact the Recruitment and Examination Division at 389-3132.  Accommodations must be made and approved in advance of your preferred testing date.

Library Pages

Library Page applicants may test at any scheduled Library Page or Written Examination time. You must present a completed application at the check-in time for testing, along with the required identification and education documents.

Software Skills

Software skills tests are available to all applicants who meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are currently on an employment list that may require Personal Computer (PC) skills
  • You are going to be applying or testing for a currently posted job that requires PC skills
  • You are a current classified City-Parish employee planning on testing soon for a position that requires PC skills

If you are not currently on an employment list but qualify to take the PC skills test under one of the last two criteria, you are required to bring a completed employment application with you on your PC skills testing day. Your application will be reviewed to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements to apply/test for the position in which you are interested. Failed written and PC skills exams may be retaken after 3 months. Passed written exams may be retaken after 6 months (most recent score stands). Passed skills exams are valid for one year. City-Parish employees’ skills scores remain active throughout employment with City-Parish as long as there is no break in service.

Additional Information

Examination Preparation Information (PDF) is available for those wishing to prepare for written exams.