East Baton Rouge Public Safety Plan

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About the Public Safety Partnership (PSP)

A coalition of law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and community workers have announced the East Baton Rouge Public Safety Partnership, an action plan with the Department of Justice to reduce gun violence throughout the parish.

The partnership includes all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in EBR, US Attorney’s and District Attorney’s Office, Safe, Hopeful, Healthy BR, and the mayor-president’s office. 

The partners first began developing and implementing the plan in March 2022, meeting bi-weekly throughout the year to set goals and strengthen our collaboration and coordinated efforts.

The action plan is a more informed, collaborative, and intelligent approach to understanding and addressing the long-standing impacts of gun violence in East Baton Rouge Parish.

The partners have set four specific goals, summarized as follows:

Goal 1: conduct outreach to young people involved in violence to provide them with opportunities for a different path in life.

Goal 2: prioritize gun crimes and high-risk offenders when prosecuting criminal cases, both in district and federal court.

Goal 3: address blight and infrastructure that contributes to gun violence in neighborhoods.

Goal 4: Identify and focus law enforcement resources on violent individuals and locations. Utilize data, technology, intelligence sharing, and proactive policing.



Partner Organizations

Office of the Mayor-PresidentBaton Rouge Police Department
East Baton Rouge Sheriff's OfficeEast Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney's Office
US Attorney's Office, Middle District of LouisianaBaker Police Department
Zachary Police DepartmentCentral Police Department
Baton Rouge Community College Police DepartmentLouisiana State University Police Department
Southern University Police DepartmentBaton Rouge City Constable's Office
Louisiana State PoliceUS Marshall Service
Drug Enforcement AgencyBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
Federal Bureau of InvestigationTRUCE

Public Safety Plan Announcement