Navigating a Cyber Attack

Bad actors use cyberattacks to access, damage, or steal your information, data, and devices. These attacks pose a threat to both your financial and personal information, and it’s important to recognize an attack and the steps you should take to minimize their impact. 

What Does a Cyber Attack Look Like?

Bad actors and hackers can:

  • Access your phones, gaming systems, personal computers, smart home devices, medical equipment, Bluetooth-connected devices, and network
  • Access your accounts to steal your money and identity
  • Block your access to your own personal information and accounts
  • Destroy your data and devices

If You Think You Have Been Attacked or Your Accounts Have Been Compromised …

  • Disconnect your device from the internet
  • Let your employer know about the attack
  • Check your financial accounts for unrecognized activity
  • Check your credit report for new accounts or loans
  • Contact your financial institutions — banks, credit card companies, and lenders — to report unauthorized charges and place holds on affected accounts
  • Report emails asking for your private information
  • Change your passwords IMMEDIATELY
  • Take your device to a professional to scan it for potential viruses
  • Let the proper local, state, and federal authorities know if you have been impacted by a cyber attack

Local, State, and Federal Authorities

Report cyberattacks to:

Report identity theft to:

If your Social Security number has been compromised, file a report with: