FUTUREBR Implementation

FUTUREBR Implementation

Thousands of East Baton Rouge Parish citizens have participated in the FUTUREBR process and they have clearly expressed a desire for quality of life improvements. The Planning Commission currently serves as the lead monitoring agency for implementation of the FUTUREBR Plan. The Commission works closely with approximately 30 agencies to ensure that community solutions are coordinated.

Cooperation between City-Parish departments, the private sector (including property owners and the development community), civic organizations, universities, non-profit organizations, and many other key institutions is key to successfully implementing the FUTUREBR Comprehensive Plan.

Lead Agencies

The following document is a master list of all the goals and action items from FUTUREBR and the lead agency that we identified to carry out the action. These actions items should be modified during the 5-year updates to the plan as items are completed or need revisions. Lead agencies should contact the Long Range Planning Division to submit revisions or reassignment of action items.

AgencyAction Items
Planning Commission109
1.     Airport
2.    Arts Council7
3.    Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC)20
4.    Baton Rouge Area Foundation (BRAF)1
5.    Baton Rouge Green1
6.    Baton Rouge Health District5
7.    Baton Rouge Recreation and Parks (BREC)28
8.    Building and Grounds4
9.    Capital Area Transit System (CATS)3
10.    Capital Region Planning Commission (CRPC)    9
11.    Development39
12.    Division of Human Development and Services (DHDS)    7
13.    Downtown Development District (DDD)    4
14.    East Baton Rouge Council on Aging (EBRCOA)2
15.    East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority (EBRPHA)    2
16.    East Baton Rouge Public School System (EBRPSS)2
17.    Employ Baton Rouge    7
18.    Environmental Services16
19.    Finance    2
20.    Healthy BR5
21.    Human Resources8
22.    Information Services    9
23.    Maintenance1
24.    Mayor's Office80
25.    Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness (MOHSEP)6
26.    Office of Community Development (OCD)11
27.    Parish Health Unit    1
28.    Port of Greater Baton Rouge    2
29.    Redevelopment Authority (RDA)17
30.    Transportation and Development41
31.    United Way2