Employment Application

The employment application is the form that the Recruiting and Examination Division accepts from applicants searching for employment. You can stop by the Recruitment Division to pick up or fill out a copy of the application (PDF). Before you fill it out, please read the Employment Application Instructions that are included with the application. When you are finished filling out the application, you may wish to make copies of the completed application for future job openings (one application per position for which you apply). We do not accept the applications by email at this time.

Written Examination

If a position requires a written examination, please refer to our Walk-in Testing Schedule for examination dates and times. If no test is required for the position you are applying for, please feel free to mail it or drop it by our office at any time during the application filing dates. 

Application Forms

For your convenience, the employment application is provided in Microsoft Word and Adobe. You can type directly into the form fields of this application and then save it to your computer. You will not be able to modify the document itself, only complete the form fields. The Substitution Equivalency Guide (PDF) provides examples of how applicants may utilize their education and experience to meet the minimum requirements of a job.

Maintenance Worker / Supervisor & Heavy Equipment Operator Positions

The Equipment List Form (PDF) needs to be completed by applicants applying for Maintenance Worker I, Maintenance Worker II Maintenance Worker III, Heavy Equipment Operator, or Maintenance Worker Supervisors I and II. These forms cannot be edited directly, they have to signed, printed and completed.

Additional Forms

For some classifications, additional forms must be completed before submitting an application. Please check the Recruiting Forms page to obtain those attachments. Be sure to meet application deadlines by referring to closing dates on job announcements.