Report Recommendation 6.4

Pillar 6: Officer Wellness and Safety

6.4 Report Recommendation: Every law enforcement officer should be provided with individual tactical first aid kits and training as well as anti-ballistic vests.

BRPD Alignment

  1. Vests are provided by the Department for every sworn officer, and the importance of wearing vests is emphasized throughout training.

  2. Officers responding to calls for service are required to wear issued body armor while in Class A and B uniforms. (General Order 134) 

  3. The plate carrier is not intended to replace issued soft body armor, nor is it designed to be used as a load-bearing vest. (General Order 134)

  4. Law enforcement officers, other emergency service personnel, and bystander civilians injured by penetrating objects may suffer from uncontrolled hemorrhage. With the goal of maximizing survival, Self Aid–Buddy Aid (SABA), General-Order-146-Trauma-Kits, provides optimal care that could be utilized in these situations. Within the scope of their training and policy, officers are instructed to utilize SABA in the on-duty and off-duty responses as they deem necessary. The three goals of SABA are to save preventable deaths, prevent additional casualties, and complete the mission.