Report Recommendation 5.11

Pillar 5: Training and Education

5.11 Report Recommendation: The Federal Government, as well as state and local agencies, should encourage and incentivize higher education for law enforcement officers.

BRPD Alignment

BRPD recognizes the potential value of higher education for law enforcement officers, as well as the value of having a workforce made up of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, including cultures, languages, and life experiences.

As of the year 2021, new recruits to BRPD benefit from receiving college incentives based on the listed college experience at a rate up to:


80+ hours - $770.00 Annually

Bachelor’s Degree – $2,000 Annually

Master’s Degree - $2,500 Annually


After one year of service, new law enforcement officers who graduate from the Academy and have a college degree earn $208 more per month than new officers with no college degree (including state supplemental pay).


Recruits earn college credit while enrolled in BRPD’s Training Academy.