Report Recommendation 5.9

Pillar 5: Training and Education

5.9 Report Recommendation: POSTs should ensure both basic recruit and in-service training incorporates content around recognizing and confronting implicit bias and cultural responsiveness.

BRPD Alignment

  1. At the core of BRPD’s mission is our pledge “to serve with the Baton Rouge community to prevent crime and to promote the safety and well-being of all.” General-Order-106-Mission--Values

  2. BRPD’s commitment to justice and integrity is at the heart of our Code of Ethics and the sworn oath each officer takes upon graduation from the Academy: General-Order-107-Code-of-Ethics-Oath-of-Office

  3. To accomplish our mission and meet the standards of 21st Policing, we are committed to policies, protocols, decision-making, and expectations that comply with the Core Principles of Procedural Justice. These include:
    • Treating Citizens with Dignity and Respect
    • Display Trustworthy Motives 
    • Making Unbiased Decisions
    • Giving Citizens an Opportunity to Express Their Views
  4. The Procedural Justice tenets of Voice, Fairness, Respect, and Trustworthiness, are taught through BRPD’s Academy Curriculum and In-Service Training  Academy Scheduled. This curriculum is modeled to increase officer safety and stress levels, leading to fewer complaints, greater community cooperation, and improved voluntary compliance.

  5. BRPD’s policy on Bias-Based Policing (General Order 108) General-Order-108-Bias-Based-Profiling fundamentally supports BRPD’s aim to earn public trust. 

  6. While BRPD will continue to proactively evaluate and adjust its practices and policies to improve our service to the citizens we serve, the agency has made significant changes, including but not limited to the following: 
  • De-escalation training for all officers.  Officers learn the fundamental skills of active listening, empathetic listening, verbal communication, voice control, officer presence, de-escalation tactics, and assessing the situation.
    • Academy Training Academy Schedule
      • De-escalation Course – 12 hours
      • Use of Force 
      • Procedural Justice Course
      • Fair and Impartial Policing