Report Recommendation 5.7

Pillar 5: Training and Education

5.7 Report Recommendation: POSTs should ensure that basic officer training includes lessons to improve social interaction as well as tactical skills.

BRPD Alignment

The BRPD conducts a professional 22-week academy for all new officers, followed by a rigorous Field Training program. These programs focus far beyond just the technical skills required to be a professional police officer. This training embodies BRPD’s mission and exemplifies “trusted service with respect.”


  • Included in BRPD’s Academy, are 19 hours on Becoming a Professional Peace Officer:  
  • Standards and Conduct (3 hours)
  • The Role in the Community (2 hours)
  • Diversity in the Community (2 hours)
  • Attaining Respect for the Peace Officer (2 hours)
  • Crime Prevention (1 hour) 
  • BIAS Policing Recognition (7 hours)
  • Ethical Policing (2 hours)

The BRPD has a duty to provide a professional law enforcement service to the community. In fulfilling that obligation, it is crucial that BRPD personnel are adequately trained. This is true not only for new officers but for experienced officers throughout their careers. BRPD prepares officers to meet the needs of the department and community and guides the personal and professional development of its employees. Training throughout officers’ careers includes instruction on social interaction and situational de-escalation.