Report Recommendation 5.3

Pillar 5: Training and Education

5.3 Report Recommendation: Law enforcement agencies should provide leadership training to all personnel throughout their careers.

BRPD Alignment

Training gives integrity to an agency’s professionalism. The BRPD encourages every member of the Department to further their higher careers through training and education. Professional development is the process by which the Department provides opportunities for individual growth and development for its employees.

  1. BRPD’s intra-divisional Procedure Number 505/95-7 outlines the professional training available from the BRPD Training Academy, the City-Parish Human Resources Department Training and Employee Development Division, and other outside resources. These training opportunities include leadership development opportunities and are available to employees of the Department from the inception of their career, thus preparing the Department’s employees for upward mobility.
  2. BRPD’s established the Field Training Program to prepare new officers to perform the essential duties of a police officer and to provide for continuous quality improvement for the future of the Department.
    • The Goals and Objectives of the Field Training Program include:
      • Provide standardized entry-level training and evaluation for new officers.
      • Identify deficiencies and provide remedial training.
      • Practice skills learning during Academy training.
      • Coordinate with the Academy to continually update and improve training.
      • Provide qualified officers with additional training and leadership skills.
      • Enhance the climate of professionalism and competency within the Department.