Transportation & Drainage

The Department of Transportation and Drainage oversees transportation-related functions including oversight of traffic engineering, traffic analysis, drainage, road construction and maintenance, bridge repair, and the Green Light Program.


The Engineering Division is responsible for planning, designing, and constructing public transportation and drainage improvements. This includes support for construction of capital improvements projects, inspection and compliance for new roadway construction, peer reviews of design and engineering plans, project management, support engineering services for capital improvements programs involving highways, bridges, and flood control measures including levee permits and inspections, bridge repair, and guard rail repair. This division is also responsible for oversight of the Green Light Program and Road rehabilitation programs with oversight of contracted program management team.

Field Engineering

The Field Engineering Division is responsible for insuring that all road and drainage contracts are constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications included in the contract documents. Inspectors monitor the process and quality of work of the various projects.

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for the justification, installation, and maintenance of traffic control devices or equipment throughout the City-Parish, including signs, traffic signals, and roadway markings.