Report Recommendation 2.4

Pillar 2: Policy and Oversight

2.4 Report Recommendation: Law enforcement agencies are encouraged to adopt identification procedures that implement scientifically supported practices that eliminate or minimize presenter bias or influence

BRPD Alignment

  1. BRPD’s commitment to justice and integrity is at the heart of our Code of Ethics and the sworn oath each officer takes upon graduation from the Academy: General-Order-107-Code-of-Ethics-Oath-of-Office-n.
  2. Procedural justice is embedded in our culture, beginning with BRPD’s Academy Curriculum Academy Course Schedule

  3. BRPD’s policy on Bias-Based Policing (General Order 108) General-Order-108-Bias-Based-Profiling- fundamentally supports BRPD’s aim to earn public trust. 

  4. As an accredited member of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.(CALEA), BRPD’s Bias Based Policing policies and training are aligned with the recommendations of the Commission. CALEA Accreditation program seals are reserved for use by those public safety agencies that have demonstrated compliance with CALEA Standards and have been awarded CALEA Accreditation by the Commission. 


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