Element: Public Services

Downtown Public Buildings

The Vision for FUTUREBR is for a unified City-Parish government with departments and divisions working in collaboration to achieve the shared goals of FUTUREBR and to protect the health, safety and welfare of parish residents. Many important forces that shape the overall quality of life of the people of East Baton Rouge Parish originate beyond the borders of the city, parish, state, region or nation. International economic forces and migration will drive the future of the local economy and demographics. National policy will affect everything from the health of local industry to resources available to local governments.

Public Service Goals

  1. Provide efficient, effective, and coordinated services to the public.
  2. Enable persons to have healthy and satisfying lives in a comfortable and safe natural environment.
  3. Support an educational system which consists of academically and financially strong and stable schools.
  4. Increase the sustainability of the Parish of East Baton Rouge, and enhance the long term viability of the Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Library System Capital Improvements

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library System has been working to improve, upgrade, and expand its facilities for years. In 2014, the new Main Library on Goodwood Boulevard opened. The 126,000 square-foot facility has won four national design awards. Other projects include renovating the Bluebonnet Branch library in 2017, rebuilding the River Center Branch library in 2020, renovating and expanding the Greenwell Springs Branch library in 2020, renovating the Jones Creek Branch library in 2021, and beginning work on a new Southdowns Branch library.

HealthyBRMain Library

HealthyBR is an initiative of the City-Parish that aims to create a culture of health in Baton Rouge. The mission of HealthyBR is to foster a movement based on Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration that promotes a better and healthier life for all people in the great city of Baton Rouge. In 2022, the initiative launched a new website that includes a community calendar, a location-specific health and wellness hub, blog posts from health partners, and resources on the different branches of healthy life.