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The health, quality of life and sustainability of a city is grounded in its ability to retain and create jobs that pay a family wage and an environment where businesses can thrive. A sound economic development plan and accompanying strategy are central to realizing East Baton Rouge’s full potential. Economic development must be thoroughly integrated with the land use, transportation, housing, and other key elements of the plan. A strong, diverse economy will provide many of the resources necessary to accomplish plan goals. However, economic prosperity requires a strategic approach where new business ventures emerge and thrive.

East Baton Rouge Parish’s economic development goals were developed with the understanding that land use, transportation, housing and the City-Parish’s fiscal health are inextricably linked and essential to all residents’ quality of life. Specific objectives and actions for each goal will help provide high-quality jobs by retaining and attracting businesses that supply jobs, enabling new ventures to emerge and thrive, creating an improved quality-of-life for Baton Rouge’s well-trained, innovative workforce.

East Baton Rouge Parish is the largest employment center in the nine-parish metropolitan statistical area. The City-Parish holds approximately 62% of the region’s jobs, bringing employees from across the region into the Parish every day to work, shop, dine, and access services.

Economic Development Goals

  1. Develop, cultivate and retain talent
  2. Support private sector business development
  3. Support employers in key geographic areas
  4. Connect education and training institutions with private and public sectors

"Economic development is the process of improving a community’s wellbeing through job creation, business growth, and income growth (factors that are the typical and reasonable focus of economic development policy), as well as through improvements to the wider social and natural environment that strengthen the economy." Moore, Meck, and Ebenhoh. 2006. Economic Development Toolbox: Strategies and Methods. PAS Report American Planning Association Press. Chicago