There is much to celebrate about East Baton Rouge Parish. There is a history of entrepreneurial spirit, tremendous resiliency, and wonderful communities and neighborhoods. Natural resources and open spaces are valued. Residents want the best for their children, including exemplary school systems, opportunities for advanced education and training, and a strong economy that helps families and all Parish residents. There’s a desire to reinvigorate the City’s downtown and its economy, to attract and retain young people so that they have opportunities to succeed and raise their families, and to connect communities with diverse transportation options. These sentiments lie at the heart of what the FUTUREBR seeks to nurture and improve.


While a vision provides the long-term goals, a comprehensive plan provides a framework for accomplishing these goals. The FUTUREBR Plan guides housing, economic development, transportation, land use, the environment, community design and other areas through the decision-making processes. It should remain viable for 20 years or more with updates every five to 10 years to reflect changing conditions.