March 2022 Developer Meeting

In March 2022, Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and Office of Community Development hosted "Developer 101: Informational Meeting about Partnering with Local Government"  to provide guidance to EBR Parish developers to support affordable housing development. The recording combines both morning and afternoon sessions, including public comments and questions. 

The information provided is a great introduction to annual entitlement funding uses and guidelines, as well as important "need to know" details about timelines, compliance, and environmental reviews. While this is a wealth of information, it should not replace technical assistance or be used as a full education of partnering with City-Parish. 

This video does give information on:

  • Future Funding Sources from City-Parish and State Agencies
  • Overview of housing grant requirements and processes
  • Private Funding Presentation by b1 Foundation
  • Review of EBR Parish Housing Needs Assessment

Watch the Meeting:

Meeting Presentations

March 2022 EBR Parish Developer 101 Presentation

Click below to review content and information shared about funding sources, project funding requirements and processes, grant cycles, City-Parish priorities, and how to get connected.MARCH 2022 DEVELOPER WORKSHOP PM png Opens in new window

b1 Foundation Presentation

Click below to review b1 Foundation's Entrepreneur and Small Business Institute presentation on topics like "Breaking the Lending Code" and "Thinking Like a Lender: Requirements for a Business Loan".

b1 FOUNDATION_Breaking the Lending Code 2021 Opens in new window


National Development Council: Rental Housing Development Finance Professional (RHDFP) Certification Program™

This three-course training series thoroughly examines the practice of affordable rental housing finance and development. Participants learn the steps of the housing development process, the techniques used to analyze and structure financing for rental housing deals, and the problem solving and negotiating skills needed to make complicated deals feasible. Topics include the rental housing development process, Historic Rehabilitation and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, negotiating, problem solving, deal structuring and more.

EDA University Center for Economic and Entrepreneurial Development "Creating Sustainable Neighborhood Developers Program"

The EDA University Center for Economic and Entrepreneurial Development is housed in the Southern University and A&M College, College of Business. This center offers the "Creating Sustainable Neighborhood Developers Program" that delivers a practical introduction to neighborhood development. A total of nine subject matters discuss how to begin your journey to property development in your neighborhood.

This program delivers a practical introduction to neighborhood development through nine subject matters that will walk you through how to begin your journey to property development in your neighborhood. Through a mix of lectures and hands-on software training, eighteen practitioners will demonstrate their specialties on (1) the state of real estate development, acquisition and cooperative endeavor agreements, (2) capacity building and funding sources, (3) license, certifications, insurance, taxes, and organizational management, (4) construction drawings and design, (5) construction management and building construction, (6) QuickBooks, (7) Xactimate, (8) environmental issues in real estate, and (9) project management during a series of Saturday classes. The program also administers its program exam to certify the participants’ understanding of these nine topics.

Spring 2022 Cohort is closed. Please sign up here for information on Summer 2022 or Fall 2022 dates. For more information,