Operational Services/Special Operations

Operational Services is the most diverse bureau of the department, providing numerous and varied support functions, and serving as the repository for all criminal and traffic records. Please call 225-389-3387 to contact this division. Major Ernie Brewer is the executive officer for the Bureau.

Operational Services Division includes:


Alarm Enforcement Section is responsible for licensing, regulating, maintaining statistics, and collecting fees from alarm users in the city and parish. Alarm Enforcement may be reached by calling 225-389-3805 or visit the Alarm Systems page for details regarding the Alarm Permit Application.  


Communications is responsible for proper routing of all telephone calls to the department. This division receives and processes all requests for police services. Communications personnel also dispatch via radio the appropriate police units to investigate and assist, as needed. Please call 225-389-2000 to contact this division. 

Community Services

Community Services' purpose and objective are to promote organizational strategies that support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime. They do this by working closing with community partners, faith-based groups, business owners, and citizens in an effort to improve the relationships between the police and community to create a better living environment for all. They also have a school Resource officer who works closely with the public school system. Contact them at 225-389-4801.


CSR is responsible for managing the FBI Uniform Crime Reports and provides statistically-oriented data to other divisions and outside agencies in collaboration. Please call 225-389-7629 to contact this division.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management is responsible for ordering and maintaining all vehicles used by the police department.  Contact them at 225-389-3208.

Fingerprint Division

Fingerprint Division is responsible for processing and fingerprinting arrestees utilizing the AFIS Technology and maintaining arrest records of all individuals arrested by the BRPD. They also assist in identifying deceased individuals involved in investigations. Contact them at 225-389-7608.

Mobile Data/Video

Mobile Data/Video division is responsible for BRPD Laptop computers and software on those machines, including Mobile CAD and RMS.  They also are responsible for Body Worn Cameras and Fleet Camera Systems, as well as the uploading and storage of all the videos from those devices. Contact them at 225-389-7644.

Records Division

The records division is responsible for maintaining a centralized record system of all criminal offenses and traffic reports prepared by officers.  Contact them at 225-389-3839.

Supply Division

Supply division is responsible for outfitting all officers with the necessary equipment and clothing needed.  They order all uniforms and supplies needed for the police department and maintain them in a storage facility.  Call 229-389-3905


Training Services is responsible for the recruitment and training of all prospective and newly hired officers, and the in-service training and re-certification of existing personnel in all aspects of law enforcement, as well as the maintenance of records relating to such training. The Firearms Training Section is responsible for all training of potential, newly hired, and existing personnel in the area of firearms safety and proficiency. The Recruiting section is responsible for interviewing prospective employees, conducting all necessary background checks and tests, and providing lists of qualified and recommended candidates for employment within the Baton Rouge City Police Department.  Please call 225-389-3886 to contact Training. Call 225-389-3906 for Recruiting and 225-389-8275 for Pistol Range.

Special Operations Bureau

The Special Operations Bureau provides support for the various divisions within the department. Duties are to provide security and assistance for special events, parades, sporting events, and other situations as needed.  The bureau was also tasked with handling hostage situations, search warrants, dignitary protection, and other high-risk events. The Bureau also provides daily support to uniform patrol officers. Contact Operations at 225-389-3840 The following divisions fall under Special Operations: 

AIR SUPPORT- 225-389-7918

This unit provides aerial support to include:

  • Aerial Photography and Aerial Support for Outside Agencies
  • Criminal Surveillance
  • Directed Patrol
  • Officer Safety
  • Search and Rescue
  • Suspect Searches
  • Vehicle and Foot Pursuits
  • Drones 


This unit consists of members from various divisions throughout the department. Their mission is search and rescue as well as evidence recovery.


Their primary responsibilities are the detection, relocation, disposal, and safeguarding of clandestine devices which constitute a public hazard in the city or surrounding community. This includes searches at special events and dignitary protection details. This unit also has Explosive Detector Dogs which are used to search areas for explosives that may constitute a public hazard. Contact this office at 225-389-3860.


The mounted unit provides intensive patrols in the downtown area, along levees, at parks, concentrated business areas, and special events. The mounted unit is also used for crowd control as well as community policing at public events. Contact them at 225-389-7626.


The SRT unit is made up of SWAT officers and negotiators who are called on to resolve special situations beyond the capabilities of regular officers. These situations include:

  • Barricaded Subjects
  • Dignitary Protection
  • Event Security
  • Hostage Situations
  • Search Warrants
  • Other Special Situations

The Department has a full-time SWAT unit with other members. 

Contact this office at 225-389-5225