Transitional Shelter Assistance

What is this?

This is a temporary program for survivors displaced from their primary residence that allows eligible disaster survivors to select from a list of partner hotel rooms.

Who is eligible?

If you were displaced from the storm, have registered with FEMA and selected one of the locations listed below, you may be eligible for help from the TSA program:

  • Living in a car
  • Living in a hotel/motel
  • Living in a mass shelter
  • Living at your place of employment

How does it work?

When you registered with FEMA and are eligible, then FEMA will automatically call you over the next several days. This FEMA call will be a recorded message telling you that you are eligible and referring you to a website where you will find a list of hotels with available rooms. You can call the hotel where you would like to stay to arrange a room. Upon your arrival and check in, you will provide your registration number and a government ID. Rooms are directly paid through FEMA.

FEMA will contact you throughout your stay to assist you with your future housing plans. Your case will be managed on an individual basis to determine, for example, whether you have received your Individual Assistance money from FEMA and been provided available rental resources that would lead to a more permanent housing solution.

Transitional Sheltering Assistance Policy

Temporary Housing Assistance