A Safe Secure Digital Baton Rouge

Safe Secure Baton Rouge

Each year, the City-Parish hosts a virtual webinar to share information on the steps residents, businesses, and government agencies can take to protect their personal and professional data, devices, and information from cybersecurity threats.  


Workshop Agenda

  • Welcome and Introduction 
    Information Services Director Eric Romero
  • Data Breaches and Data Security Strategy 
    Teressa Calligan, Entergy
  • Virtual Reality Threats and Cell Phone Safety
    Ibrahim “Abe” Baggli, Louisiana State University


Workshop Agenda

  • Welcome and Introduction
    Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome
    Eric Romero, Director of Information Services
  • How to Avoid Common Cyberattacks
    Adam Arceneaux, CMA Technology Solutions
  • Cyber Threats Against Families and Youth
    Jared Cavalier, Catholic High School
  • How to Protect against Banking and Identity Theft
    Kevin Thompkins, JPMorgan Chase

2020 Workshop

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction and Welcome
    IS Director Eric Romero and Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome
  • Cyber for Citizens
    John Morello, Palo Alto Networks
  • Cybersecurity Lessons for Kids and Youth
    Dr. Yaser Bandaki, Southern University
  • Building a More Digitally Secure Baton Rouge
    Eric Romero