Small Area Plans

A Small Area Plan (SAP) is a product of the process defining the character of one section or area of the city or parish. Small Area Plans provide a more detailed level of direction to address the unique requirements and conditions for one community than would be found in the broader comprehensive plan. The SAP is a supplement to the comprehensive plan, FUTUREBR. Read more in our Small Area Plan Guidelines


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Imagine Plank Road: Plan for Equitable Development is an initiative of Build Baton Rouge (BBR), whose mission is to bring people and resources together to promote equitable investment, innovative development, and thriving communities across all of Baton Rouge. This planning effort is part of a larger, coordinated focus on Plank Road, consisting of planning to introduce bus rapid transit (BRT) service connecting North Baton Rouge to Downtown and LSU, and the land banking of adjudicated and blighted parcels to support catalytic development projects. These efforts represent an unprecedented level of investment targeting some of Baton Rouge’s most disinvested neighborhoods.


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The Baton Rouge Health District is a regional hub for health services. Located between Perkins Road and Interstate 10, the area is bordered to the south east by the Mall of Louisiana, both a regional designation and employment centers. Our Lady of the Lake Hospital will soon become a teaching hospital for LSU’s Medical College, and both Pennington Biomedical Research Center and the Baton Rouge General Medical Center campuses continue their expansion in this pivotal area. The popular Perkins Rowe mixed-use development has expanded housing, dining and shopping options. This compact neighborhood provides a model for additional residential, retail and commercial development options in this area. Beyond Perkins Rowe, newer single family neighborhoods border the district, and the majority of trips are taken via the interstate or by one of three primary arterials in the district: Bluebonnet Boulevard, Essen Lane and Perkins Road


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The Scotlandville Comprehensive Community Development Plan (SCCDP) addresses a broad range of interrelated topics in a unified way. The SCCDP identifies & analyzes the relationships between the economy, transportation, housing, the physical environment, land use and zoning, social services, and other community components. The SCCDP sets forth goals; analyzes existing conditions and trends; describes and illustrates a vision for physical, social, and economic conditions of the community, prospectively for the next twenty (20) years. The plan outlines policies and guidelines intended to implement the community’s vision. This plan was developed through an engaged collaborative process involving citizens, students, businesses, stakeholders, local government officials, and local and state agencies, ensuring this is a community driven plan, representing the Scotlandville community