Chief of Administration Bureau

The Deputy Chief commands the following divisions:

Accounting / Personnel Office

Accounting/Personnel Office handles all accounts receivable and payable and the department’s annual budget, as well as all personnel records and actions. Please call 225-389-3811 to contact this division.

Court Support

Processes subpoenas for police personnel, liaison activities between the police department and district court, and providing the necessary functions required by the Department.

Professional Standards Extra Duty

Coordinates all extra duty details and secondary employment within the city limits of Baton Rouge. Please call 225-389-7842 for more information.

Health & Safety Office

Health and Safety analyze conditions that may affect an officer’s performance or result in loss of work time. Please call 225-389-7820 to contact this division.

Homeland Security

Seek and secure grants to assist with purchases that enable the department to receive state-of-the-art equipment. These grants are secured from federal and local funding. Also responsible for coordinating emergency management and planning during critical incidents for the Department with federal, local, and state emergency managers through the Mayor’s Office. Please call 225-389-5521 to contact this division.

Intelligence Division

Intelligence Division gathers information on both real and potential threats to public peace and assimilates and reports such information to the Chief of Police. Please call 225-389-7734 to contact this division.

Legal Advisor

Legal Advisor acts as an advisor to the Chief of Police and his staff on department matters, to ensure conformity with existing laws and court decisions. He or she is available to give legal counsel and advice on law enforcement problems to the entire department. He or she furnishes legal advice and opinions to members through:

  • Briefings
  • Direct Communications
  • Formal Instruction
  • Publications
  • Written Memoranda

Please call 225-389-3809 to contact this division.

Mayor's Security

Provides security for the Mayor-President of the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge. Please call 225-389-5191 for more information.

Operational Management

Responsibilities include long- and short-range planning, research, and development of products used by the department, policies and procedures, evaluation/oversight of special projects, distribution of mobile phones/air cards, and inventory control functions. Also handles and coordinates all traveling for schools and training. Please call 225-389-3387 for more information.

Professional Standards

Monitors and collects documentation relative to compliance with the standards, as published by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). Please call 225-389-3904 for more information.

Public Information Office

Public Information acts as a liaison between the department and members of the working news media. The office issues all formal releases of information and coordinates all relations between the news media and the department, as well as disseminating internal informational material for members of the department. Please call 225-389-3948 to contact this division.

Real-Time Crime Center

The mission of the Baton Rouge Real-Time Crime Center is to utilize staff, technology, and investigative tools to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of police services throughout the Baton Rouge Capital Area to rapidly respond to community needs and public safety concerns. 

The RTCC is applying state-of-the-art data-driven analytics to generate “precision enforcement” strategies, which are designed to decrease crime and reduce fear of crime while growing public trust through increased community participation.  

The RTCC provides frontline and investigative personnel with immediate access to advanced technology, information systems, and analytics. This real-time actionable intelligence helps reduce response time to crimes in progress while enhancing officer and community safety through situational awareness.