Homelessness Prevention Coalition

Mission Statement

The Mayor’s Homelessness Prevention Coalition's mission is to educate, collaborate and seek to prevent and to eradicate homelessness in Baton Rouge. The Coalition will serve as a collective voice for the homeless locally. The Coalition is formed to provide support regarding the needs of the homeless population while strategically working on united goals to implement short- and long-term solutions. The Coalition aims to change the lives of East Baton Rouge Parish citizens experiencing homelessness one person at a time.

For more information on how to contribute, visit www.brhelps.org.


  • Developing a Capacity Database – Real-time Inventory of Available Social Services
  • Increasing City-wide Outreach and Case Management
  • Identifying Additional Transitional and Permanent Affordable Housing
  • Development of a Community Homelessness Educational Campaign
  • Addressing Formerly Incarcerated Persons (FIPs) and Reentry Approaches
  • Increasing Behavioral Health Training for Public Entities and Groups
  • Creation of a Panhandling Taskforce
  • Establishing a Peer-to-Peer Homeless Mentoring Program