Baton Rouge City-Parish Employees' Federal Credit Union

Baton Rouge City-Parish Employees' Federal Credit Union (BRCPEFCU) is a member-owned Financial Institution.  Our purpose is to meet our members' needs by providing high-quality and cost-effective services.  We believe in the cooperative principle of people helping people.

BRCPEFCU was founded in 1949 to provide financial services at a lower cost for the employees of the City of Baton Rouge.  We were originally located in a City-Parish building.  In 1995, we built our current home on Government Street. Over the years, we have grown and evolved to provide the best service and products possible to our members.

We have since extended our field of membership.  Currently, you can join if you are an employee of the City of Baton Rouge or a member of any constitutional, board, or commission offices attached thereto. Membership is also open to employees BRFD, BRPD, BRACA, BREC, Capital Area Family Violence Intervention Center, CATS, City of Baker, City of Zachary, EBR Clerk of Court, EBR COA, EBR District Attorney, EBR District Court, EBR Family Court, and EBR Sheriff’s Office.  You may also be retired as a pensioner or annuitant of the above employers. Membership is also available to current member’s immediate families. Also, if you work, live, worship, or attend school in the ZIP code 70801 or 70802, you can join.