Open Data Day 2021

Baton Rouge’s celebration of 2021 International Open Data Day features two virtual events designed to raise awareness, share knowledge, and discuss how open data can help spur civic solutions.

Open Data Day: Baton Rouge

Open Data Day: Baton Rouge was held on Thursday, March 4, 2021, and featured an overview of the City-Parish’s open data program, Open Data BR. 

Facilitators discussed how Baton Rouge residents can use the various open data, platforms, tools at their disposal in their daily lives. 

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Open Data Day: Southern Cities

Open Data Day: Southern Cities was held on Friday, March 5, 2021, and featured a regional discussion of open data co-hosted by Baton Rouge along with the cities of New Orleans, Little Rock, Chattanooga, and Memphis. 

During the event, Mayor Broome and her counterparts discussed how data is used in their respective cities to drive policy initiatives, improve services, facilitate communication with residents, and more. 

Then, each city’s open data leaders discussed their open data programs, how they engage residents in these programs, and how to build a culture of open data, among other topics. 

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