Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources' goal is to support the Mayor-President and City-Parish departments as they recruit, retain, and train a talented, diverse workforce that efficiently meets the needs of the public.


This division oversees administrative duties and acts as an advisor and liaison to the Personnel Board, Metropolitan Council, and other agencies.

Classification & Pay

Classification and Pay develop and monitors salary administration in an effort to maintain an equitable and competitive pay system for the City-Parish.

Payroll & Benefits

Payroll and Benefits ensure that all City-Parish employees are paid on an accurate and timely basis; administers a comprehensive health benefits program for active and retired employees and their dependents with health, life, and dental coverage; monitors pre-employment and random drug testing programs.

Employee Relations

Employee Relations oversee various federal, state, and local ordinances and rules regarding the Non-Discrimination Equal Employment Opportunity Policy for the City-Parish government.

Recruitment & Examination

This division recruits and administers written examinations to obtain a qualified workforce for all classified positions within the City-Parish government.

Training & Employee Development

Training and Development provides a systematic program of in-service training for members of the Classified Service to qualify them for advancement.