Radio Shop


The Radio Shop has 5000 two-way radio users that consists of most city parish agencies as well as local hospitals. Presently the department consists of six employees and is managed by the Telecommunications Chief of Operations.


The Radio Shop provides several services such as:

  • Customizing radio programs specific to each agency’s needs
  • Maintenance and repair of all two-way radios
  • Radio programming
  • Radio user training
  • Sale of radio parts and accessories

The radio shop also provides quotes for all two-way radio needs.


The Radio Shop is responsible for maintenance and operation of the City Parish P25 800 MHz backup radio system, three radio towers located within the parish, fire department voice / tone paging system and radio recording software and hardware. We also coordinate with the state for the operation and maintenance of the LWIN 700 MHz Radio system, which is our primary radio system.

Radio Shop Documents

Alias Update Form (PDF)