Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations Bureau is primarily responsible for follow-up investigations of major crimes. Divisions within the Criminal Investigations include:

Armed Robbery Division

Armed Robbery is responsible for investigating all calls involving all degrees of robbery. Please call 225-389-3845 to contact this division.

Auto Theft & Impound Division

Auto Theft and Impound is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations of auto thefts and unauthorized use of movables. The unit also coordinates all records and information relating to vehicles stored and impounded by the Department and monitoring local towing services to ensure compliance with applicable standards and ordinances.

Burglary Division

The Burglary Division is responsible for coordinating all follow-up investigations of burglaries, as well as the recovery of stolen property from local pawn shops. Please call 225-389-3824 to contact this division.

Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC)

CGIC’s objective is to reduce gun violence in the Baton Rouge area by identifying and arresting individuals involved in shots fired events by utilizing information obtained by the Crime Strategies Unit, NIBIN, Public information, and other various investigative techniques to bring cases against the individuals involved in these incidents. This effort is a group cooperative between the BRPD, EBRSO, ATF, District Attorney’s Office, and United States Attorney’s Office. Please call 225-389-3914 to contact this division.

Crime Scene Investigation Division (CSI)

CSI is responsible for assisting in investigations by taking photographs, sketching major crime scenes, collecting and tagging evidence, and performing various scientific tests on suspects and or evidence, as needed. Please call 225-389-3896 to contact this division.

Crime Stoppers Office

Crime Stoppers coordinates all facets of the Crime Stoppers Program with local news media, businesses, and the public.

Evidence Division

Evidence is responsible for the collection, storage, cataloging, and disposition of all evidence and property seized by or turned into the department. Please call 225-389-3848 to contact this division.

Financial Crimes Division

Financial Crimes is responsible for investigating all crimes involving thefts by fraudulent use of access cards and forgeries of negotiable documents.

Forensics Division

Forensics Detectives work in collaboration with Louisiana State Police Crime Lab personnel on BRPD firearms cases to assist CIB Detectives with providing timely firearms-related intelligence in active investigations. Specialized internal units include NIBIN, Crime Analysts, & DNA Forensic Scientists. Please call 225-389-4869 to contact this division.

General Detectives Division

The General Detectives Division shall investigate all misdemeanor and felony crimes against persons of a non-life-threatening nature where serious injury has not occurred and the response of a Major Assaults Detective(s) is not required in addition to investigating crimes of Domestic Violence and Stalking cases. Each investigator shall be familiar with the function of processing crime scenes, collecting evidence, interviewing victims, interviewing witnesses, and documenting all aspects of the investigation. Please call 225-389-4979 to contact this division.

High Tech Support Unit

High Tech Support assists in investigations involving computer systems and all types of electronic data.

Homicide Division

Homicide is responsible for investigating all criminal calls where death or life-threatening injury has occurred; any officer-involved shooting; or the attempted murder of a police officer. Please call 225-389-4869 to contact this division.

Intelligence Division

Intelligence Division gathers information on both real and potential threats to public peace and assimilates and reports such information to the Chief of Police. Please call 225-389-7734 to contact this division.

Liaison Detectives

Liaison Detectives are assigned to outside state and federal agencies that work jointly with these agencies to participate in multi-jurisdictional investigations.

Major Assaults Division

Major Assaults is responsible for investigating a wide range of non-life-threatening felony personal crimes and Kidnapping cases. Please call 225-389-3844 to contact this division.


Misdemeanor Investigation is located at:
4778 Gus Young Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

It is staffed with an office manager, six investigators, and a student worker. The division is responsible for investigating all misdemeanor criminal cases, as well as all juvenile misdemeanor cases. They are responsible for investigating two felony crimes: failure to return leased movables and violation of protective orders. Please call 225-389-4979 to contact this division.

Missing Persons Division

Missing Persons is responsible for investigating all calls involving missing persons.

Narcotics Division

Narcotics is responsible for investigating crimes involving illegal drugs, as well as related vice crimes. Narcotics administers the HIDTA and LSP Task Forces. Please call 225-389-3914 to contact this division.

Special Victims Unit

The Special Victims Unit is responsible for maintaining juvenile investigation records, cases of child abuse, and all types of sex crimes. Please call 225-389-3853 to contact this division.

Street Crimes Unit

The Street Crimes Unit's objective is to proactively focus on the most violent areas within the city and respond to all citizen's complaints regarding drugs and violent crimes. The Unit will also continue to attend community events and keep a strong relationship with the people of the community. Please call 225-389-3914 to contact this division.

Task Force/Liason Detectives

Task Force/ Liaison Detectives are assigned to outside state and federal agencies that work jointly with these agencies to participate in multi-jurisdictional investigations. Please call 225-389-4869 to contact this division.

Victims Assistance Division

The Victim Assistance Division's primary focus is to work closely with community partners, in order to provide services and ongoing victim advocacy along with referrals to comprehensive services including legal, housing, and economic assistance to victims of crime. Please call 225-239-7880 to contact this division.