Security Procedures


It is ordered that the constable of the City of Baton Rouge shall be empowered to institute at the Baton Rouge City Courthouse any security measures necessary to insure the safety and protection of Courthouse employees and visitors, and that:

  • The Constable shall maintain and operate a system to screen Courthouse visitors for weapons and/or dangerous instrumentalities.
  • The Constable shall operate a security checkpoint at the entrance of the Courthouse at which he shall have the authority to conduct visual examinations and x-ray of the contents of visitors' hand-carried bags, packages, briefcases and/or any other items and require visitors to empty their pockets and walk through a metal-detecting device known as a magnetometer before he shall grant entrance to the building.
  • The Constable is hereby authorized to screen visitors with hand-held magnetometers at any location within the Courthouse.
  • The Constable is hereby authorized to waive or expedite the screening process of any holders of public office, law enforcement officers, attorneys, and/or other officers of the court who identify themselves as such.
  • The Constable is hereby authorized to request the recess of court and to also direct the judges and their staffs to report to their respective chambers or other designated area in the event of a security threat.

En Banc Order - Effective October 30, 1996