BRPD Real Time Crime Center


What is the Real-Time Crime Center?

The Baton Rouge Real Time Crime Center (or RTCC) is a 21st century Law Enforcement approach to leveraging existing assets in Real-Time to improve Public Safety.  

The mission of the Baton Rouge RTCC is to utilize staff, technology, and investigative tools to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of police services throughout the Baton Rouge Capital Area to rapidly respond to community needs and public safety concerns. 

Our goal is to create a technology center that will apply state of the art data-driven analytics to generate “precision enforcement” strategies designed to decrease crime and reduces fear of crime while growing public trust by increasing community participation.  

The RTCC will provide frontline and investigative personnel immediate access to advanced technology, information systems, and analytics. This real-time actionable intelligence will reduce response time to crimes in progress while enhancing officer and community safety through situational awareness. 

What does all this mean?

  • Increase Officer, Citizen, and Community Safety
  • Enhanced situational awareness for Police and the Community
  • Improve investigative support and resource allocation
  • Maximize officer efficiency and improve decision making
  • Provide crime analysis and risk-based strategies for crime reduction operations