Commission on Racial Equity and Inclusion (COREI)


On June 12, 2020, Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome enacted the Mayor’s Commission on Racial Equity and Inclusion. The commission is focused on the creation of measurable outcomes, promotion of greater accountability, and coordination of community-wide efforts to achieve racial equity in our community. Members of the Commission will have 90 days to map out the vision of achieving racial equity in the community and the mission of eliminating institutionalized racism in the City-Parish government identified in this Executive Order.

Key Resources

The creation and work of this Commission are large projects that will require input and work from a diverse group. To that end, the Mayor-President’s Office has assembled best practices from other cities that have successfully put together similar commissions and plans to combine these with the wealth of knowledge and resources that the organizations in our city already have. This will allow us to effectively and efficiently create a list of practical and impactful recommendations for the Mayor-President’s Office and Metro Council as we work together with the people of Baton Rouge to create a more racially equitable Baton Rouge.

Access the 2020 COREI Report Here



Email with your questions, thoughts, needs, and ideas.

Commission Group Members

Name Work Groups
Jahi Mackey Arts, Culture, Community Non-Profits
Patrick Lawler Arts, Culture, Community Non-Profits
Sarah Cordell-Vandersypen Arts, Culture, Community Non-Profits
Marla Harmon Arts, Culture, Community Non-Profits
Carl Herrick  Economic Development
Sonja Wiley Economic Development
Tiffany Theriot Economic Development
Louis Bonnecaze Economic Development
Lewis Unglesby Education, Health & Human Services
Latonya Brunfield Education, Health & Human Services
Domoine Rutledge Education, Health & Human Services
Marla Pons Education, Health & Human Services
John Lewis Government Entities
Keith Jones Government Entities
Fredrick Thomas Government Entities
Audrey Wascome Government Entities
Jennifer Jones Bridget At-Large Members
Rebecca Lunceford At-Large Members
Frank McArthur At-Large Members
Ronald Norman Sr. At-Large Members
Dale Flowers  At-Large Members

Strategic Priorities and Goals

COREI members will analyze current policies, practices, and culture and produce recommendations for implementation of changes in four key areas: 

  • Economic Development

  • Health and Human Services 

  • Arts, Culture and Community Engagement 

  • Government Agencies  

After 90 days the commission will develop recommendations to present to Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and the Metropolitan Council. The recommendations should include items for immediate actions, changes in existing initiatives and programming to make those efforts more efficient and effective, and new initiatives and ideas to fill in gaps in the work that is currently being done in our City-Parish.

Long-term Goals 

  • The commission shall provide an annual report to the Mayor-President’s Office and Metropolitan Council regarding work and ongoing recommendations of the commission, such as information on outreach efforts that are working successfully and ways to shore up efforts that need more attention.

  • Promote inclusion and full participation of all residents and partnering with the community to achieve racial equity across East Baton Rouge Parish.