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celebrate earth day, every day

While Baton Rouge's 30th Earth Day virtual celebration has come and gone, we are committed to environmental sustainability year-round and encourage you to be as well. There are many ways that each resident of East Baton Rouge Parish can contribute to the health and vitality of our environment every day. 

Take a look at the list of activities and lessons below to stay inspired and become involved — all of which you can do from the safety and comfort of your home. Be sure to check out this video about recycling and make a commitment to recycle often and recycle correctly, by taking the pledge

Remember to continue to share your appreciation for our planet and show off the results of any activities you complete or have participated in, by tagging us on Facebook and Twitter.

earth day 2020 student achievements 

FOG Poster Winner_2020

Students throughout East Baton Rouge participated in a poster design contest to bring awareness to the costly impacts to our sanitary sewer system when FOG (fats, oil, grease, flushable wipes, etc.) are improperly discarded in sinks and toilets. More than 60 entries were narrowed down to the top three, and the community was asked to choose the winner by voting online for their favorite. Over 480 community members participated in the online voting contest and the winner was selected in May of 2020. 

Three 8th graders from Mrs. Mary Trigg's Art Class at Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet School - Natalie Venkataraman, Camille Piner, and Meg Baker - won the competition for with their innovative design, pictured above. This design will serve as a basis for future outreach and community engagement initiatives, focused on raising awareness, to foster behavior change from the harmful human patterns that negatively impact our sanitary sewer system. 


  • Check out for fun performances from Earth Day 2020, inspiring messages, and crucial information on the importance of sustaining and preserving our planet.
  • Use the transformational power of storytelling to inspire and remind you that even in the midst of our greatest environmental challenges, we can make a difference. Here is a list of compiled books for future generation environmentalists here. For adults, check out these must-reads.
  • Get inspired by reading through examples of young environmentalists making a positive impact on our planet here.
  • Listen to 10 TEDWomen Talks over the years, which highlight grassroots and innovative ideas to safeguard our planet and make the world a better place for everyone here.
  • Discover beautiful works of art from artists around the world, who turned drab white walls into visionary canvases for a brighter future during the Stay-at-Home Mural Festival for our Planet.” Learn more here!

Take Action

  • Let’s continue to make an everlasting commitment to clean up our neighborhoods by safely and individually removing litter that is discovered during walks and outings. Show us your progress by tracking your cleanup activities here!
  • Download the Earth Challenge 2020 app and help gather local data on air quality and plastic pollution.
  • Plastic pollution can create major problems for the health of our fellow citizens and ecosystem. Learn how you can help reduce the problem here.
  • Looking for constructive distractions while working from or staying at home? Click here to learn how to grow your own food in a modern day “victory garden.”
  • Learn about why composting is good for our environment and our gardens, and build your own compost bin or pile using this handy guide.

explore & connect

  • Enjoy sounds of the outdoors by tuning in to the songs of both our native birds as well as our migratory visitors. Check out Audubon Louisiana’s website here and see which ones you are able to identify at home!
  • Hop on two wheels and take in some of our Baton Rouge’s beautiful local scenery by exploring the many bike paths and trails our capitol has to offer using this helpful resource from Visit Baton Rouge.
  • Explore premier content using the NASA Visualization Explorer app and observe the coolest ways to get stories of the Earth, sun, moon, planets and universe.