Financial Literacy Workshops

Financial Literacy Planning Workshop ImageMayor-President Sharon Weston Broome presents a series of virtual workshops to help EBR residents budget, plan, and access aid during the COVID-19 crisis.

The series focuses on topics such as the stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, applying for relief services, and ensuring your money can support you during and beyond the pandemic.

These online workshops are designed to help families with financial planning and educate them on how to gain the longevity of their stimulus checks. These payments’ distribution began in mid-April.

Please see our Financial Literacy Workshop flyer for additional information. 


april 29, 2021 | Smart money management: prioritizing for today and tomorrow

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june 30 | bridging the financial divide: big banks vs. local credit unions

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This workshop will promote the resources available from local credit unions. It will compare their benefits to features of larger banks.


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This workshop will address the impact of an emerging knowledge gap, dependency upon payday loans, intergenerational poverty, and societal pressures on finances. Presenters will share best practices for eliminating debt and unhelpful financial habits.

April 14 | Demystifying COVID-19 Stimulus Checks

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The focus of this introductory workshop is to offer an overall response to the economic impacts of the coronavirus, while providing information regarding the one-time payment of stimulus checks to many adults.

Panel content will address eligibility requirements for stimulus checks, amounts provided based on income, method of disbursement, along with suggestions, resources, and support available throughout the Baton Rouge community. Discussions will address prioritizing needs, saving for the future, and access to banks for establishing a checking and/or savings account.

April 16 | Creating and Managing a COVID-19 Budget

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The focus of this workshop is to provide step-by-step directions on how to conduct an assessment of needs versus wants; creating a budget framework; identifying opportunities to trim excessive expenses; and recognizing how to manage variable expenses to avoid overspending. 

April 21 | Securing Relief Services during COVID-19

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Through stronger collaboration, organizations are boosting support to address the chronic gaps that surge throughout the Baton Rouge Community. The focus of this workshop is to provide guidance and direction toward relief services available to the Capital City. These services will range from utility assistance, child care support, to financial and legal assistance to name a few.

April 23 | Breaking Down the Unemployment Process

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This workshop provides information on the Overall Surgence of Unemployment and its impact upon Large and small business. The focus of this workshop will cover an Overview on the Qualification requirements, Filing, Weekly Benefit Amounts, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)/Requirements, Benefits/Taxes, Payment Options, Appeals along with information on legal assistance.

April 28 | Creating a Game Plan for an Emergency Reserve

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This workshop provides information on preparing for financial emergencies, establishing savings goals – How much is enough, addressing the necessary steps to prioritize, build, and manage an emergency reserve, how to identify liquid assets, and replenishing an emergency reserve after the crisis.  

April 30 | Assessing Spending Habits During COVID-19 and Beyond, A New Normal for Money Management

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This workshop provides a high level summary of information from all six of the workshops while also addressing the changing spending habits of consumers during Covid-19, assessing long-term effects on shopping habits, how to address credit card overspending, accessing free credit reports and steps to managing life on a new budget. Money-management guru Suze Orman will make a guest appearance.


Baton Rouge-based non-profits joining forces with Mayor Broome’s office to launch the series of online financial literacy workshops: