Administration Bureau

Administration is the Chief’s Staff Bureau, which is concerned with the overall management of the department’s operations and internal controls.

Divisions & Positions within Administration

The Administration Bureau includes:

  • TRUCE (Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination)
  • Community Resources and Services Division
  • Court Support
  • Extra Duty
  • Mayor’s Security
  • Operational Management
  • Professional Standards
  • Staff Inspections
  • Supply

TRUCE (Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination)

This unit was formed in cooperation with other agencies to combat major crimes in targeted areas. The purpose of this unit is to give young people in this area a choice to either accept assistance from TRUCE and leave violence behind or face the legal consequences if they don’t.

The program provides:

  • Education
  • Family Support
  • Job Training
  • Mental Health Treatment Free of Charge (if the targeted offenders take advantage of it)
  • Out of School Activities
  • Substance Abuse

If they choose not to, then a collaboration of local law enforcement will pay special attention to them and any group they are affiliated with. Please call 225-239-7835 for more information.

Community Resources / Services Division

Their primary function is to improve cooperation and understanding between the Police Department and the residents of Baton Rouge. They work directly with the elderly citizens of the community and the schools to promote safety. Please call 225-389-4801 or email for more information.

Court Support

Processes subpoenas for police personnel, liaison activities between the police department and district court, and providing the necessary functions required by the Department.

Extra Duty

Coordinates all extra duty details and secondary employment within the city limits of Baton Rouge. Please call 225-389-7842 for more information.

Mayor's Security

Provides security for the Mayor-President of the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge. Please call 225-389-5191 for more information.

Operational Management

Responsibilities include long- and short-range planning, research and development of products used by the department, policies and procedures, evaluation/oversight of special projects, distribution of mobile phones/air cards, and inventory control functions. Also handles and coordinates all traveling for schools and training. Please call 225-389-3387 for more information.

Professional Standards

Monitors and collects documentation relative to compliance with the standards, as published by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). Please call 225-389-3904 for more information.

Staff Inspections

The Staff Inspections Unit’s responsibilities are to conduct or coordinate inspections intended to assess the quality of the department or component operations; ensure that department goals are being pursued; identify needs, and assure that control is maintained throughout the department.


Responsible for ordering, issuance, upkeep and inventory of supplies and equipment to employees of the Police Department. Please call 225-389-3905 for more information.

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