Communications District

Communications District

The Communications district is charged with administering various aspects of 911. This includes financial matters, purchasing and maintaining 911 telecommunications equipment for three primary Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). The District is also responsible for the City Parish Radio shop.

911 Center

The 911 Operations center is the primary PSAP for East Baton Rouge Parish. The center answered 432,000 911 calls last year and radio dispatched over 59,000 calls for East Baton Rouge Emergency Medical Services.

Radio Shop

The Radio Shop services 5000 two-way radio users consisting of City Parish agencies as well as local hospitals. It provides customized radio programing, maintenance and repair, radio user training, and the sale of two-way radio parts and accessories. This department also maintains three radio towers, the City Parish backup radio system, and the fire department voice / tone paging system and recording software.